The year is 4652 HE…

It has been almost five millennia since humanity cut its tether from its dying home world and flung itself through a warp gate to a far off galaxy, only to find it was not alone in the universe. At first a fledgling species, dependent on the teachings of benevolent alien races, it did not take long for humanity to entrench itself in this new galaxy. Now, humans (dubbed Terrans by their alien neighbors) are among the galaxy’s most predominant inhabitants.

A vast Galactic Republic, first formed by the Terrans in 1504 HE, now spans a great swath of stars, keeping order amidst its multitude of affiliated worlds. Within this Republic, all civilized star-faring species may find safety and representation. Although it is a handful of species that make up the majority of the Republics inhabitants, dozens of alien races exist in some numbers within its boundaries.

Though the galaxy may seem safe in the heart of the republic, those who live near the fringes know a different truth. In reality, the Republic is set upon by danger on all sides, including within itself. For countless millennia, the galaxy’s civilized species have been fighting an ongoing war with the warlike Namirions, numerous and savage aliens with a thirst for conquest. This endless conflict ebbs and flows, sometimes limited to a few skirmishes on the fringes of the Republic, sometimes erupting into out and out war. Currently, the fighting is in one of the greatest lulls the Republic has ever seen, and in its innermost systems, people are beginning to relax. However, those on the edge of the Republic, living on planets that were fiery war zones but a few decades ago, are slow to forget.

In the depths of far space, other troubling threats lurk, such as the Tyrannids, swarms of insectoid creatures that, once nested, ravish and consume entire worlds in a matter of weeks. It is one of the Republic’s highest priorities to keep these infestations far away from Republic worlds, and elite battalions of soldiers are sent out regularly to destroy brooding grounds and otherwise keep the Tyrannids at bay. Perhaps even more disturbing are the Necrons, terrifying undead robotic warriors drifting through the blackest parts of space. Many do not believe in them, and even the Republic does not officially recognize their existence, but there are plenty of deep space miners and explorers that will swear to their reality.

It is an incredible galaxy in a dangerous and exciting time, filled with wonder and joy, but also with pain and suffering. Life goes on much as it always has, and the bright light of opportunity shines throughout the cosmos. Nobody truly knows the fullness of the universe. Stars without number, endless planets, and countless aliens, friendly or otherwise, exist out among the stars. The galaxy is there before you. Seize it.