Size: 2 (3000 km)
Atmosphere: 3 (Very Thin)
Temperature: 8 (Temperate)
Hydrographics: 10/A Water World
Population: 9 (6,000,000,000)
Government: 12/C (Charismatic Oligarchy)
Law Level: 7 (No Firearms/Armor)
Technology Level: 10/A
Starport: D (Poor)
Bases: Scout
Trade Codes:

Factions: None.

Cultural Differences:
Unusual Customs – Nobility; those of high social standing have a strange custom associated with them.
Progressive; great advancements are being made in this culture, science is forging ahead and money is being made.

Other Notes: The inhabitants of the planet are nomadic, dwelling on technologically advanced houseboats.

System Contents: None.


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