Nova Domum

Nova Domum – 1023 – A86684412TAS – Ga Ht Ri Hi

When humanity first came to this galaxy, it had left behind its home world. Now, the Terrans claim a new planet as their own: Nova Domum, meaning new home. It is a large planet that shares many of the same characteristics as humanity’s distant mother planet of Terra. Thanks to the diligent effort of the Terrans, Nova Domum is peaceful and prosperous, and has become arguably an even greater planet than its predecessor.

Size: 8 (13,100 km)
Atmosphere: 6 (Standard)
Temperature: 9 (Temperate)
Hydrographics: 6 (56%-65%)
Population: 9 (10,000,000,000)
Government: 4 (Republic)
Law Level: 4 (Small arms and discreet armor permitted)
Technology Level: 12 (Average Stellar)
Starport: A (Excellent)
Bases: TAS
Trade Codes: Garden, High Tech, Rich, High Population.

Impersonal Bureaucracy – minor group with some supporters.
A charismatic revolutionary with a small group of dedicated supporters.

Cultural Differences:
Progressive – the culture is expanding, fortunes are being made in trade and scientific discovery is forging ahead.
Collaborative – people try to help others and everyone does their part towards keeping the planet prosperous.

System Contents:
S0L2, the system’s yellow-white sun.
Tortuga, a gas giant with 20 moons.
Veza I, an ice planet with one moon.
Veza II, an ice planet, sister planet to Veza I.
Pohl, a hot rock planet.
Lumos, Nova Domum’s moon.

Nova Domum

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