Aliddor was once a great planet. About thirty years ago, a massive solar storm enveloped the system, mostly isolating it for a period of four weeks. When the storm subsided and the attempt was made to reestablish contact, the planet was found deserted. The cities still stood for the most part undamaged, but all the people were gone, along with the few starships that braved the storm to enter the system. To this day nobody is sure what happened. Now the planets only inhabitants are the teams of surveyors, scientists, and investigators the Republic has stationed there to hopefully get to the bottom of the mystery.

Size: 6 (9,500 km)
Atmosphere: 9 (Dense, tainted)
Temperature: 7 (Temperate)
Hydrographics: 6 (56%-65%)
Population: 1 (60)
Government: Participating Democracy
Law Level: 5 (Most firearms and armor banned)
Technology Level: 11 (Early Stellar)
Starport: A (Excellent)
Bases: Naval, Research, TAS
Trade Codes: N/A
Travel Code: Red


Cultural Differences:
Remnant – this culture is the remnant of a once great civilization.
Taboo – there is a topic which is not discussed on the planet.

System Contents:


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