Azeban – 0812 – B7AA9B811 – N TAS – Fl Hi Wa

Size: 7 (11,200 km)
Atmosphere: 10/A (Exotic)
Temperature: 7 (Temperate)
Hydrographics: 10/A (96%-100%)
Population: 9 (8,000,000,000)
Government: 11/B (Monarchy)
Law Level: 8 (Strict, most weapons/armor banned)
Technology Level: 11 (Early Stellar)
Starport: B (Good)
Bases: Naval, TAS
Trade Codes: Fluid Oceans, High Population, Water World


Cultural Differences:
Ritualized – social interaction and commerce is highly formalized, high emphasis on etiquette.
Peaceful – physical conflict is almost unheard of, forceful Travellers will be ostracized.

System Contents:
Yudoss, Azeban’s moon.
B2IV, the systems blue-white subgiant star.
Freyeon, a gas giant with a single moon.
Rika, a rock planet with 2 moons.


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