Size: 5 (8,000 km)
Atmosphere: 5 (Thin)
Temperature: 7 (Temperate)
Hydrographics: 6 (56%-65%)
Population: 6 (6,000,000)
Government: 10/A (Charismatic Dictator)
Law Level: 7 (Firearms and most armor banned)
Technology Level: 5 (Industrial)
Starport: D (Poor)
Bases: Scout
Trade Codes: Agricultural, Low Tech, Non Industrial

A representative democracy with no popular support.
A feudal technocracy with notable support.
A participating democracy with no popular support.

Cultural Differences:
Unusual Custom (Starport) – this cultures starport is a temple for local techno-priests.
Recovering – a recent trauma has left its scars on the culture.

System Contents:


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