Size: 8 (13,000 km)
Atmosphere: 7 (Standard, tainted)
Temperature: 5 (Temperate)
Hydrographics: 10/A (96%-100%)
Population: 9 (6,000,000,000)
Government: 9 (Impersonal Bureaucracy)
Law Level: 10 (No weapons or armor of any kind)
Technology Level: 8 (Pre-Stellar)
Starport: D (Poor)
Bases: None.
Trade Codes: High Population, Industrial, Water World

A splinter of the existing government with few supporters.
A captive government with significant support.

Cultural Differences:
Unusual Customs (Social Standing) – the culture has a distinct caste system.
Conservative – the culture resists change and outside influence.

System Contents:


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