Eta Capulus

Eta Capulus – 1416 – DADA4898 – S – Fl Wa

Size: 10/A (16,000 km)
Atmosphere: 13/D (Very Dense)
Temperature: 10 (Hot)
Hydrographics: 10/A (96%-100%)
Population: 4 (30,000)
Government: 8 (Civil Service Bureaucracy, communism)
Law Level: 9 (Strict, no weapons or armor)
Technology Level: 8 (Pre-Stellar)
Starport: D (Poor)
Bases: Scout
Trade Codes: Fluid Oceans, Water World

Splinter faction of existing government, fringe group with few supporters.
A captive government, placed by the Republic, with significant support.
A ruling caste with significant support, almost as strong as the official government.

Cultural Differences:
Unusual Customs (Social Standing) – the culture has a distinct caste system.
Taboo – a particular topic is forbidden and cannot be discussed.

System Contents:
H16A, the system’s red subgiant.
Austeja, a barren ice planet.
Nena, Eta Capulus’ first moon.
Muse, Eta Capulus’ second moon.

Eta Capulus

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