Kaitos – 2013 – D4636797 – S – Ri NI – A

Kaitos is a planet in the midst of great unrest. Initially, due to its favorable weather and relative isolation the planet was mostly a haven for the rich. However, over the years as other interests worked their way onto the planet and more working class denizens arrived, the politics of the planet became deeply fractured. Although the conflict has not yet erupted into violence, the Republic has still designated Kaitos an amber zone, and advises caution travelling through the system.

Size: 4 (6,400 km)
Atmosphere: 6 (Standard)
Temperature: 7 (Temperate)
Hydrographics: 3 (26%-35% water)
Population: 6 (~9,000,000)
Government: 7 (Balkanisation)
Law Level: 9 (Strict, no weapons, no armor)
Technology Level: 7 (Pre-Stellar, comparable to modern day)
Starport: D (Poor)
Bases: Scout.
Trade Codes: Non Industrial, Rich
Travel Code: Amber

Participating Democracy – Overwhelmingly popular, stronger than official government.
Representative Democracy – Some supporters, minor group.
Captive Government – Notable group, significant support, well known.
Company/Corporation – Overwhelmingly popular, stronger than official government.

Cultural Differences:
Conspiracy – the government is being subverted by another group or agency.
Unusual Customs (Eating) – food and drink occupies an unusual place in the culture.

System Contents:
Ixod, a gas giant with 52 small moons.
G5L6, the systems yellow sun.
Myar 3, a small and desolate ice planet.
Makuyu, Kaitos’ own moon.


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