Kashsibah – 0938 – B87843613TAS – Ht NI

The seat of the Elders of Kashsibah, this world is largely covered in boiling oceans, caused by vast amounts of underwater volcanic activity. It is a religious sanctuary, and a common pilgrimage site for those who prescribe to the Elders’ teachings.

Size: 8 (12,300 km)
Atmosphere: 7 (Standard, Tainted)
Temperature: 11 (Hot)
Hydrographics: 8 (76%-85%)
Population: 4 (70,000)
Government: 3 (Religious Oligarchy)
Law Level: 6 (Moderate, most weapons banned)
Technology Level: 13 (Average Stellar)
Starport: B (Good)
Bases: TAS.
Trade Codes: High Tech, Non Industrial.

A notable noble family with significant support continually butts heads with the local government.

Cultural Differences:
Religious – this culture is heavily influenced by a religion or belief system.
Unusual Customs (Sex) – this culture has an unusual attitude towards sex.

System Contents:
F3V8, the Kashsibah system’s yellow-white sun.
Sahiba, a rock planet with 2 moons.
Sumesh, Kashsibah’s moon.


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