Monument – 0924 – A33754713 – N S TAS – Ht NI

Monument is the seat of the Galactic Republic. Nestled among the multitude of ice caps that cover this small planet are the cogs of government that keep the Republic functioning. It is here that the various representatives of affiliated worlds meet to discuss the various issues and needs of their people and the Republic as a whole. It is also home to the Republic Navy’s Principle Command Center, a large naval base that houses most of the Navy’s capital ships.

Size: 3 (4,800 km)
Atmosphere: 3 (Very Thin)
Temperature: 4 (Cold)
Hydrographics: 7 (66%-75% ice caps)
Population: 5 (200,000-400,000)
Government: 4 (Republic)
Law Level: 7 (Strict, most weapons and armor banned)
Technology Level: 13
Starport: A (Excellent)
Bases: Naval, Scout, TAS
Trade Codes: High Tech, Non Industrial

An impersonal bureaucracy with minor support.
The Galactic Trade Coalition, the entity monitoring trade, significant support.

Cultural Differences:
Nexus – members of many different cultures and species visit here.
Conservative – the culture resists change and outside influence.

System Contents:
K1HT, the system’s orange sun.
Freyeon, a gas giant with 15 small moons and 11 large moons.
Opia 5, a small rock planet.


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