Trangovin – 1110 – A774AFK12 – R TAS – Hi Ht In

Size: 7 (11,400 km)
Atmosphere: 7 (Standard, tainted)
Temperature: 6 (Temperate)
Hydrographics: 4 (36%-45%)
Population: 10/A (30,000,000,000)
Government: 15/F (Totalitarian Oligarchy, ruthless corporation)
Law Level: 20/K (Unimaginably strict, no weapons, armor, restricted information)
Technology Level: 12 (Average Stellar)
Starport: A (Excellent)
Bases: Research, TAS
Trade Codes: High Population, High Tech, Industrial


Cultural Differences:
Degenerate – the culture is falling apart, on the bring of war or economic collapse.
Unusual Customs (Media) – highly propagandized, getting accurate information is difficult.

System Contents:
Pallavia 5, the system’s gas giant with 56 small moons.
M4G2, the system’s red dwarf sun.
Arkona, Trangovin’s moon.
Rheatz, a small ice planet.


Starstrider DanTombs